Welcome to Saugaat, where we take the art of gifting very personally. Through a collaborated team of experts, we have been able to come out with a line of mithais that are beyond delicious in packaging that is beyond luxurious.

Each one of our recipes is a blend of international flavors, but the ethos is unquestionably traditional. This is what makes Saugaat unique; bespoke. Saugaat is our passion and relentless perseverance for perfection in the form of gifts that you feel worthy of presenting to the most special people in your life.

We are both excited and proud of this exquisite line of mithais packaged in a wonderful box of traditional opulence that you will love to share with everyone you know and care for.

It all started seven decades ago, when a family ventured out of their hometown, Bikaner, to the emerging city of Delhi. They brought with them the wisdom and taste of centuries of tradition in the form of rich Indian recipes. Every evening their small shop would see hoards of people waiting to eat delicious, freshly made snacks and mithais. People fondly called them ‘Bikanervala’. And thus began a beautiful journey of warm hospitality, scrumptious food, and great vibes. The next step in this iconic journey is the creation of Saugaat.

Strengthened by the trust and decades of experience of Bikanervala; we guarantee taste, panache, and class, all skilfully packaged in your style.

We invite you all to accompany us on this journey to discover a new symphony of flavors and bespoke gifting, only at Saugaat – A Gifting Boutique by Bikanervala.

“We hope you love gifting Saugaat as much as we loved creating it for you…”

“India has a long and rich tradition of giving. In this spirit, Saugaat was created. Saugaat comes from a deep sense of gifting loved ones in a way that it is cherished for life

The incredible selection of mithai that we have put together, with the help of an expert team, is like nothing else out there. While each one of them looks luxe and international, the soul is earthy and traditional. That’s what’s unique about Saugaat.

Saugaat is a gifting boutique that’s strengthened by the trust that Bikanervala has built over decades by serving millions of people in India and abroad. We have endeavored to come out with a line of mithai that’s rich and unique; something that raises the bar higher. Our aspiration is to fulfill the ever-changing needs of our valuable customers.

We have kept the packaging beautiful, luxurious, and elegant. The box itself is a keepsake, a nostalgic design that beautifully tells the story of our rich Indian tradition. The packaging will be customizable to suit your unique needs, which makes it even more luxurious because it is bespoke!

We invite you all to join us in this journey of rediscovering the richness of our tradition through a new symphony of flavors.”