What People Are Saying

Radhika Khanna

"Planning a wedding is a whirlwind of emotions, but Saugaat by Bikanervala made it all the more enjoyable. When we stepped into their boutique, we instantly knew we had stumbled upon something special. Their mithais and hampers beautifully combined tradition and elegance, fitting perfectly into the celebration. The guests were delighted by the presentation and the delicious taste of each item. Saugaat played a key role in making our wedding memorable, leaving us with cherished memories to last a lifetime."

Vidur Aggarwal

"When my brother announced his wedding, we aimed to infuse every aspect with love and warmth, especially the guest gifts. Saugaat by Bikanervala was our natural choice, and it surpassed all expectations. Their carefully crafted mithais and curated hampers brought an extra touch of elegance to the celebrations. Saugaat truly became a memorable part of our
family's wedding, leaving a lasting impression on all who received their thoughtful gifts."

Saurav Sinha

"Saugaat by Bikanervala is not just a gifting boutique; it's an experience in itself. As soon as you walk in, you feel welcomed and impressed by the classy vibe. Their mithai collection is like a yummy mixtape of flavors and looks, perfect for any celebration. Every box is carefully put together, showing how much effort they put into making things just right."

Kiara Sharma

"Saugaat by Bikanervala is more than just a place to buy gifts; it's like stepping into a special world! Inside, everything feels fancy and welcoming. Their mithais taste amazing and they're so pretty, perfect for any occasion. Each box is made with lots of care, so you know it's something special. Saugaat makes giving gifts easy and fun – I highly recommend it!"


No Preservatives

High Quality Ingredients

Artisanal & Handmade

Bespoke Gifting